Kitchen Cabinet Refacing – NHance Niagara

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets means replacing all the front facing parts of the cabinets (doors and drawers only), but leaving the rest of the frames, boxes and gables in place. This is an excellent solution if you don’t like the existing style of your cabinet doors, they look dated, or they are not in a good shape. This dramatic makeover gives your kitchen a brand new look at a considerably lower cost than a full kitchen replacement. Also you can choose new hardware (hinges & handles). Above all, you get NHance patented Ultraviolet Cured (UV) baked finishes that no one else offers in North America !!!

You might consider full kitchen replacement option only if:

  • You don’t like the existing layout of your kitchen
  • Cabinet framework is not in good shape. Its integrity is compromised, or the cabinet boxes and frames are too old and worn down (We have rarely seen that)

NHance Vs Ordinary Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Companies:

NHance Kitchen Cabinet Refacing solution drastically reduces your kitchen downtime associated with full fledge expensive kitchen replacement. Since you’re only replacing front-facing hardware, you’re not disturbing any plumbing or wires that run through the kitchen.

     Ordinary Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Process: 

    1. Only few color options to chose from
    2. Doors made out of cheap inexpensive materials with cheap finish on them
    3. Since they don’t have investment in professional wood refinishing facilities they bring in matching poly veneers to stick on top of your existing frames, boxes, & gables which start to peel off and curl shortly there after.
    4. They cannot finish your existing valences, trims and mouldings, so they bring in their own prefabricated cheap thermofoil (laminated compressed board) trims and mouldings to replace your solid wood trims & mouldings, which is ridiculous !

       NHance Gold Standard Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Process:

    1. Customer can pick any color from any color card and NHance can match it using their own patented paints and finishes.
    2. We can custom build very high end paint or stain grade solid wood doors with 100’s of options to choose from.
    3. Above all, Kitchen Cabinet Doors are finished at our state of the art wood refinishing facilities, using Ultraviolet Cured Baked custom colors and finishes which are 10x more durable than ordinary paints.
    4. We refinish your existing trims, valences, mouldings, frames and boxes onsite, using the same high end paints, finishes & process.

Your NHance Refaced kitchen look better than a brand new kitchen that is hassle free, more durable but substantially cheaper than putting in a new kitchen !!!