Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing (Color Change)

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing (Color Change)
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing (Color Change)

Don’t Replace, NHance your kitchen cabinets with our 1000’s of custom color options !!! Get the beauty and durability you dream of and the convenience and affordability you desire, get it all with NHance Revolutionary Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing. Refinish without compromise®

Kitchen Cabinet Painting
Kitchen Cabinet Painting

You can dramatically change the style & look of your kitchen cabinets by changing the color of your cabinets by our unlimited color options !!!


You can dramatically change the style & look of your kitchen cabinets by changing the color of your cabinets by our unlimited color options !!!

Our line of custom Custom Colors give you the new trend of white or colored kitchen cabinets you have been looking for. With our unique Lightspeed® instant-cure baked finish (10x more durable), the result is far different from simple cabinet painting using off shelf products, that ordinary cabinet painters use. Not sure of the color you want? We can help you choose! We can take you step-by-step through the process of choosing the color to suit your style.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Spray Painting (Custom Color Change) on cabinets involve a much more dramatic effect than the other cabinet services. Often the change will involve going from a golden oak or whitewash finish to thousands of custom colors & finishes. Simply select any sample cabinet color and NHance can generally match it. You will love the result of this transformation. It’s a great way to give your kitchen a brand new look with unmatched finished and quality. Custom Color Change option completely transforms your dated kitchen cabinets into stunning trendy white or any rich custom color, to give you a dream kitchen you’ve always wanted! You can choose between single or two tone colors, to highlight your center island or peninsula.

N-Hance uses world class equipment & technology to custom refinish your kitchen cabinets, matching any color from any color card, giving you highly durable ultraviolet (UV) cured baked finishes, that no other wood refinishing company in North America offers.

N-Hance Custom Color change gives you over 50-70% savings on the cost of replacing your cabinets, saving you money and helping to stretch your kitchen remodeling dollars.

Remember, unlike ordinary cabinet painters, our finishes are 10x more durable than anything close to it. Revolutionary wood refinishing services offered by the largest most trusted brand in North America. Don’t settle for anything less, call us today for FREE In-Home consultation & estimate !!!

Call your local N-Hance team at 905-581-7166 for more information on how N-Hance can transform your kitchen cabinets with our custom colors !!

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